About Us

Welcome to the Robbie Burns Trading Company, where there’s always time for a poem!

Robbie Burns is heralded and revered as one of the great contributors to English and Scottish literature and the RBTCo is dedicated to celebrating the life and works of Robert “Robbie” Burns the poet.


“At RobbieBurns.com come and see all the wonderful lochs, braes and brooks,

Find treasures and stories on each page that you look,

come stravaig* with us, taste and smell the clean highland air,

have a wee swally** and sing o’ sweet song to the ladies so fair,

For that true special wee gift to make her or him smile,

take a nook in our store, tis’ all here, an’ pure Scotia style.”


*stravaig: to walk for fun, without clear direction

**swally: to enjoy a drink together

(Poem by Robbie Burns, founder of the RBTCo. 2018)


About The Robbie Burns Trading Company Pty Ltd 

The RBTCo was founded in 2018 by Robert “Robbie” Burns the 5th (thats right, the 5th) who was born a emigrants son in Melbourne, Australia. Robbie enjoys poetry and golf. The Burns family is proud of its Scottish heritage and wishes to help spread the prose and teach new generations about the life and works of Scotland’s greatest bard.

The RBTCo. are members of the Melbourne (Australia) chapter of the Robert Burns World Federation.

The RBTCo. name and logo was trademarked in (TM ) 2018.

About the St. Andrews Collection

Robbie Burns will always celebrate the vibrant heritage and colours of Scotland.

As our first collection we decided to devote it to the 3 official colours of the Scottish flag.  

The sword motif was inspired by the St. Andrews Cross.  

The cover of the  custom designed gift box design features Robbie playing golf in front of his home in the flax fields, with a mouse watching on…


“….Edina! Scotia’s darling seat!

All hail thy palaces and towers,

Where once beneath a Monarchs feet,

Sat Legislation sovereign power,

From marketing willy-scatted flowers,

As on the banks of Ayr I strayed,

And singing lone in the lingering hours,

I shelter, in thy honoured shade.”


from: ” Address to Edinburgh” by Robert “Robbie” Burns